Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza Engagement Pictures

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Well it seem like its the season of love and engagements at our television industry as we have seen Sanam Baloch got married to Abdullah Farahtullah and Annie Jafferi also got engaged. Another couple just got added to the list of new couples of this year is Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza. The engagement ceremony was held at the residence of Sarwat where a gathering of more than 70 people was organized to celebrate the engagement of the lovely stars. The ceremony was very beautifully organized and went successful.
Sarwat Gillani Engaged to Fahad Mirza (2)

Sarwat Gillani was very excited about her new relationship and she really looked very happy with all this happening at her place. She was asked about how she found her soul mate? In reply of this question she remained very confident and bold she said that they first met in year 2003 and at the started liking each other but due to some reasons couldn’t put the relationship to next step and stopped contacting each other as they both have to complete their education.

Sarwat has to complete her degree in communication design and Fahad Mirza has to become as surgeon as he was a student of medical science, after that we again met when I was performing at drama Dhanni which Fahad came to watch as well. After watching the show Fahad texted me that he watched the show as well and we suddenly out of no where came to contact with each other and our love story again started and now you can see it has reached a beautiful destination. The couple looking graceful at their engagement and is set to get married in summer 2014. Sarwat has already planned where their honey moon would be and that is Istanbul. Its worth mentioning here that its not the first time that Sarwat is getting married Sarwat got married to Omer Saleem for a very short period before but now she looked in full bloom with her real soul mate Fahad Mirza and se wish the new couple all the best.

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