Ushna Shah and Humayoun Saeed Affair News Rejected By Humyoun’s Wife

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If you are a famous celebrity and you don’t stuck in scandals then you are not a celebrity. It’s very common for celebrities to be a part of scandal and some celebrities enjoys when they hear that they have been scandalized but it is very disturbing for their families. Nowadays the family of Humayoun Saeed is going through such times as the affair of the beautiful Ushna Shah and Humayoun Saeed is being discussed all around. It has been reported that the beautiful and stunning Ushna Shah and Humayoun Saeed are too much in to each other.


Samina Humayoun on the other hand have rejected all of this and said that her husband has been scandlized. She added that its not the first time that people have tired to damage image of Humayoun Saeed before Ushna Shah many other female celebrities have been scandalized with Humayoun all of the affairs and scandals proved wrong in the end. She asserted that she trust her husband and she knows that he will never ever leave her for some other woman.

It must be very difficult for wives of celebrities to keep check on their husbands becuase their husbands have to work with pretty girls as its the demand of their profession. Well despite she rejected news of Humayoun’s affair with Ushna Shah, its been reported that Samina Humayoun have threatend Ushna Shah to stay away from her husband. Its also worth mentioning here that Ushna Shah and handsome Humayoun have rejected the news of their affair on media.


Ushna Shah can be threat to any woman because she has got it all and nowadays she is on peak of her beauty and career. Ushna Shah has stunned audiences all around the country by her mesmerizing talent and beauty. So Samina should be pretty sure because the beauty of Ushna can bring down any man on his knees. To end the story Samina said that Humayoun considers Ushna as his younger sister and there is nothing going on between them.