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Afzal Khan a.k.a. John Rambo is a Pakistani TV, film and stage actor and comedian. He rose to fame by playing a janitor nicknamed John Rambo in PTV's famous comedy show Guest House. He later assumed John Rambo as his unofficial screen name taken from the Sylvester Stallone character John Rambo.


The name Afzal Khan alone might not seem as familiar to the audiences in Pakistan unless it is combined with the on screen character Jan Rambo played by this talented actor in the drama 'Guest House' (1991), aired on Pakistan Television in the early nineties. Although playing Jan Rambo the janitor was Afzal's first performance on screen, it was the most appreciated performance in the whole series.

Right after his first drama, Afzal started getting roles for the silver screen and made the leap to cinema. His debut movie was 'Hero' (1992), however, he did not gain much prominence until the release of 'Haathi Meray Saathi' (1993), which was directed by veteran film actress and director Shamim Ara.

Getting a start from here, Afzal appeared in numerous movies such as 'Munda Bigra Jaye' (1995), 'Chor Machaye Shor' (1996), 'Moamla Garbar Hai' (1996), 'Hum To Chaley Susraal' (1996), 'Miss Istanbul' (1996), 'Hawaein' (1996) and 'Raja Pakistani' (1997).

Afzal has mostly been typecast as a comedian in the movies and his roles seemed to be the same in almost every movie he has worked in. He is married to film actress Sahiba and is seen these days presenting a morning show 'Apna Morning With Rambo And Sahiba' with his wife Sahiba on Apna channel.

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