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Ahmed Ali Butt biography
Ahmed Ali Butt

Ahmed Ali Butt is a Pakistani television actor, singer and model best known for his comic roles on television and advertisements. He is also the member of the band Entity Paradigm.


Musical career

Initially, Entity and Paradigm were two separate bands that were active in Lahore's underground music scene. During the early 2000s, Butt, lead vocalist of Entity and Fawad Afzal Khan, lead vocalist of Paradigm, were working together for a popular television sitcom Jutt and Bond aired on Indus Vision, it was then when the programme's director suggested that the actor's bands collaborate and do a title track for the show. Led by Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, lead guitarist of Paradigm, the two bands collaborated and within a week recorded the title song "Hamein Aazma", which was played at the beginning and end of the show.

Entity Paradigm disbanded in 2007 and the band members parted ways. However Butt started a band called Rubberband, which parodied many famous artists and bands. All the band members started acting in a drama named after them and aired on ARY Digital. All the songs of the show were sung by the band.

Around 2009, the band came to an end but Entity Paradigm reunited and were featured on the third season of Coke Studio. They also released a new single Shor Macha sponsored by Djuice and directed by Bilal Lashari. Shor Macha won the award for best video at the Lux Style Awards. Currently Butt is one of the remaining member of the band along with Salman Albert and Hassan Khalid

Acting career

Butt started acting in a sitcom called Jutt and Bond, alongside Fawad Afzal Khan. Later on he began to appear on many sitcoms that aired on channels such as ARY Digital and PTV Home. He also appeared in many commercials.


Butt hosted the Lux Style Awards 2012.

Popular Work

Jutt and Bond (Indus Vision)-Jutt

Rubber Band (ARY Digital-Sarmad Khan

Najane Kyun (PTV Home)-Unknown

Inspector Khojee (PTV Home)-Khojee

Coke Studio Season 3 (Syndicated-Himself

Kuch Shor Macha- A Documentary (YouTube)-Himself

Q-Mobile Advertisement (Syndicated)-Fat Guy

Pakistan's Next Mega Star-Judge/Host

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