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Ahson Talish biography
Ahson Talish

Ahsan Talish is the son of late Agha Talish Sahib. He is an actor and director, and is mainly popular for dramas such as Inteha and Number 26. He is still finding his feet in the media, but has been mooted by famous stars like Sameena Peerzada as highly talented and dedicated to his work.

Ahsan's new project is a series of upcoming mystery plays, the plans of which are still undisclosed. Ahsan Talish has worked with all of the famous stars of the Pakistani cinema, and for an upcoming director, this is a great feat to achieve. One of his dramas, Boondh Boondh Tanhai was also a major hit after being released. It aired over 50 episodes. Even though Ahsan did not have a media related family background, he has still managed to break in to the mainstream media with some really good directions.

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