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Ali Haider

Ali Haider is a Pakistani singer and actor. He has had numerous hits in the early 90s such as Poorani Jeans. He also had a big hit later in the 1990s with Chand Sa Mukhra. Besides singing, he has acted in numerous TV serials on PTV. Among the successful dramas was Chand Sa Mukhra, which used his hit song as the theme music. He also sang the theme music for the serial Chandni Raatein and Asmani Rang Ho for "Dill Mill Gayye'. He has a large fan following in Pakistan and India and with South Asian expatriates around the world. After resignation from music in 2009, Haider has become a sana khawan, and has released 3 religious albums, Mola Dil Badal Day, Shor Hai Mehshar Ka and Tuluh E Fikr.

On 23 June 2009, Geo News reported Mohammed Ali Haider decided to resign from the world of music basically citing the reason that it was no longer satisfying him.

In 2013, he returns to TV with a sitcom "Ek aur Ek Dhai".

Popular Music Albums

Jane Jan Sun ΓΆ€“ 1988

Chahat ΓΆ€“ 1989

Tarang ΓΆ€“ 1990

Qarar ΓΆ€“ 1991

Sandesa ΓΆ€“ 1993

Sanwala Saloona ΓΆ€“ 1994

Dastaan ΓΆ€“ 1995

Jania ΓΆ€“ 1996

Mahi ΓΆ€“ 1998

Saiyyaan ΓΆ€“ 1999

Jadoo ΓΆ€“ 2000

Chandni Raatein ΓΆ€“ 2002

Tera Naam Liya To ΓΆ€“ 2003

Purani Jeans (Remixes) ΓΆ€“ 2006

Jaanay Do ΓΆ€“ 2007

Stop and Think ...? ΓΆ€“ 2009

Nawha & Naat Albums

Moula Dil Badal Dey ΓΆ€“ 2009

Shor Hai Mehshar Ka ΓΆ€“ 2010

Tuluh E Fikr ΓΆ€“ 2010

Buss Hussain Buss ΓΆ€“ 2011

Kee Jana Mai Kaun ΓΆ€“ 2012

Asghram Aei Noor Nohay - 2012

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