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Amber Nausheen

In the past few years, television dramas in Pakistan have undergone a major transformation both in terms of their production and the introduction of new faces on screen. Amber Nausheen has also been one of the actresses who got her break during the time when private channels were flourishing in Pakistan. Since then, she has regularly been appearing in a number of serious and comedy drama serials.

The serious dramas in which she has worked include 'Veena' (ARY Digital), 'Ruswa' (Geo TV), 'Thora Saath Chahiye' (ARY Digital), 'Dil, Dard, Dhuan' (ARY Digital) and 'Shahzadi' (ARY Digital). Having received positive reviews about her performance in these dramas, Amber did not limit herself to serious roles alone and showed her versatile side by starring in a few sitcoms as well.

Her popular sitcoms include 'Tujh Pe Qurban', which was aired from ARY Digital and 'Gharana Fasana', which was shown on Geo TV.

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