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Arjumand Rahim

Arjumand Rahim is a popular Pakistani TV actress. Arjumand started acting in 2004, and rapidly rose in popularity amongst viewers. Arjumand started her career in small TV shows, but rose to fame with her performance opposite Faisal Qureshi in the drama serial Mai Aur Tum. She also did a telefilm with Faisal, and their on-screen chemistry was much appreciated. After appearing in several drama serials, Arjumand took some time off to visit Mumbai, India. There, it was rumored that she was looking for potential acting opportunities.

Upon returning, Arjumand started her very own production house, entitled Art Republik. She has become a director, and is currently working on a music show entitled Taxi and a drama serial of 52 episodes, called Dil Ki Madham Boliyan. A series of telefilms are also being produced by her production house, titled Paristar. She is expected to feature in three new plays this year.

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