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Asad Malik is a Pakistani model, film and television actor from Karachi who has worked in numerous movies and television serials. He gained notability from his early serials broadcasted on PTV.

Asad Malik has been one of the most familiar and talented actors produced by the Pakistani entertainment industry. Starting off his career in 1989 as a film actor, Asad acted in a few movies like the horror flick 'Pamela'. However, his film career was short lived because he could not gain much success as part of the film industry. It was after his debut performance in the classic drama serial 'Dasht' in the year 1993 that Asad impressed the viewers and earned appreciation for his acting skills.

From there onward, Asad went on to prove his potential both as an actor and as a model. Being an upcoming actor during the 1990s, he acted in a number of famous plays of the time such as 'Janey Anjaney', 'Aansoo' and 'Niqab', all of whom aired on Pakistan Television (PTV). Other PTV plays in which he has acted include 'Moum', 'Hawa, Rait Aur Angan' and 'Aurat Ka Ghar Konsa'.

Asad has also acted in a number of drama serials on private channels such as 'Angoori' (ATV), 'Buri Aurat' (Geo TV), 'Kaisi Yeh Deewangi' (Hum TV), 'Larkiyan Mohallay Ki' (Hum TV), 'Adhoori Film Ki Puri Kahani' (ATV) and 'Dil Moti Ke Mole' (ATV) among many others.

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