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Ayesha Khan Senior

Anyone who has been a witness of the golden era of television in Pakistan must be well aware of the sister duo comprising Ayesha Khan and Khalida Riyasat. Extremely talented, both Ayesha and her younger sister were a part of some of the most unforgettable dramas seen in the history of television in Pakistan. Although most of Ayesha's roles were supporting in nature, she naturally brought warmth and sweetness in them.

Ayesha's acting career, though not too long, consists of a long list of classic Pakistan Television (PTV) dramas. Throughout her career, she only acted in PTV plays and then quietly left acting altogether for some reason. Her most appreciated performances were seen in the drama serials 'Afshan' and 'Uroosa', both of which were based on the classic Urdu novels A. R. Khatoon. At that time, she also appeared in the drama 'Family '93'.

Her most recent performances came in the drama serials 'Bandhan', 'Mehndi' and 'Hum Se Juda Na Hona'. Among these, the latter two were both private drama productions.

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