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Barkat Ali

There have been many comedians in Pakistan who have contributed a great deal to the entertainment industry, especially television, but never get recognized for their efforts because they are typecast as comedians and supporting role players. However, the past few years have changed this perception and now with the emergence of private channels as well as more scope for TV plays and sitcoms, the comedy artists are getting the recognition they deserve.

One such underrated comedian and actor is Barkat Ali. Although Barkat has been seen as a performer on TV for more than a decade, not much is known about his entrance into showbiz or his personal life. The reason for that is Barkat's choice to keep his professional life separate fro, his personal life.

In the recent past, Barkat has performed in a number of TV sitcoms including 'Dolls And Dudes' on Geo TV and 'Ganday Bachay' on ARY Digital. Barkat has also been involved in a comedy program which he co-hosts with another talented comedian Uzmi.

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