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Faraz Haider biography
Faraz Haider

Faraz Haider is the youngest self-motivated and confident singer and he is known for rocking vocals. He was born in Karachi in Pakistan. At the age of 13, he started singing songs with no any formal training from any music teacher. He is not only a singer and but he is also a song writer as well. This shows he takes this art seriously. He first started singing in a music band called “Andher” and then started singing by himself as singing becomes passion for him. He likes to produce mixing electronic sounds with the live music because he believes in innovations in music. These days besides music, he is directing his music videos and in the future he likes to do his work for the films as well.

If we talk about his inspirations artists in the field of music than his biggest inspirational artist in the field of music is no other than a king of Pop Michael Jackson because Faraz started listening to Michael music from his early years of childhood. He greatly influenced from the Michael’s iconic image and from his overall personality. He also likes other people in the music field rock stars like Excel Rose, Robert Plant and he also likes music producers Prodigy, Marilyn Manson and Mobi etc.

His vocal inspirations are from the classic age but now a period according to his opinion no one seems to motivate him. He did his first music album in 2011 with the name “Andher” and this album consists of 12 songs. His first album name relates to his first music band name because he actually gave tribute to his old friends through this album. In 2013, he is going to release his second album with name “Naya Jahan” and music videos of this album will come later. In his latest interview, Faraz said that his greatest achievement is the ability to make things and sound good and he also describes himself as challenging, admirer, perfectionist and honest. In his interview he said to youngsters to become better singer they should focus on their work and did not any listen badly anything about them.

He also said that he wants to do music with sincerely and with passion. Those who are fans of Faraz Haider and they want to listen to his music then they should go to his fan page on Facebook where they can listen and downloads his songs from the first album and also some songs of the second album as well.

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