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Farooq Zameer biography
Farooq Zameer

Farooq Zameer is a Pakistani TV actor. Farooq started acting relatively late in his career, but his performances soon got noticed. He made his debut in the 1990's. He has acted in several Pakistani dramas, such as Rani, 93 Shumali and Gadarya. Farooq's performance soon got him more roles, and was frequently seen on ARY. His drama serial, Mukmala Aur Mahira, was a major hit and he got rave reviews for his acting performance in the serial.

Farooq had been working in Khandan-e-Shughlia, another hit drama serial that was aired on ARY Digital. Farooq also acted in Suraagh-e-Zindagi, a super long PTV drama serial. His performances on PTV and ATV were also highly appreciated, such as those in Tum Bhi Kaho and Kaghaz Ki Nao. Currently, he is also thinking about venturing in to production, and is expected to start work on a drama serial.

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