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Irfan Motiwala biography
Irfan Motiwala

There are many TV actors in Pakistan who have rose to prominence in the recent years due to their talent as well as the rising scope for Pakistani drama production. This is why almost every other drama makes us witness the acting chops of these talented individuals.

Irfan Motiwala is also one of those talented artists who have proven their capabilities appearing in a number of TV drama serials such as 'Aros Paros' (ARY Digital), 'Pakistan Quarters' (ATV), 'Ijazat' (ARY Digital) and 'Baitiyan' (Hum TV). Alongside these drama serials, Irfan has also been seen in a sitcom called 'Jeena Tou Yehi Hai' (ARY Digital) in which he stars alongside Rauf Lala.

He has also acted in a tele film 'Aas' (Hum TV) as well as long plays 'Woh' Khuda Hai' and 'Berri', both airing on ARY Digital.

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