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Jasmeen Manzoor biography
Jasmeen Manzoor

Jasmeen Manzoor, one of the leading anchors in Pakistan who has worked in major news channels including Samaa, Abb Takk and others. She was born in Karachi and did her Masters in International Relations after which she started her career as an anchor on Pakistan Television in 1999.

She worked as producer and talk show host on different private TV channels. In March 2010, Jasmeen started hosting SAMAA TV's most admired current affair program called Tonight with Jasmeen. This program airs Monday to Thursday from 10:03pm-11:00pm.

Jasmeen has also made informative documentaries on different subjects, and has received four awards for her exceptional work, one of which was the Benazir Excellence Award for Best Female Anchor in Pakistan in 2009.

In November, 2013 she is joining Abb Takk news channel to host her talk show.

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