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Kamran Jilani biography
Kamran Jilani

Kamran Jilani is a Pakistan television actor who started his career with modelling before stepping in the tv industry.

Kamran Jilani is one of the household names of the Pakistani media industry. He was a popular model who started in the late 1990's. However, his career rose to new heights when he was signed for the drama serial, Mehndi. The drama was a tremendous hit, and Kamran became an instant hit. Since then, he has gone on to perform admirably in various other Pakistani dramas.

Another one of his recent serials, titled Uraan was a big hit as well and he is now one of the most famous stars in the Pakistani media. Kamran has recently signed ventures with various popular producers, and will be performing in upcoming drama serials as well. He is the younger brother of Adnan Jilani, a famous Pakistani television artist. In many interviews, Kamran has stated that he wishes to emulate the success of his brother and reach on the same par as him.

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