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Laila Zuberi biography
Laila Zuberi

Laila Zuberi's association with the Pakistani media goes for over 22 years. She started working in the radio network after switching over to television. She rose to fame on screen with her character Khak Jahh, which is also her most memorable character throguhout her acting career. Laila is also the owner of her own production house, which she started back in 1999.

Laila has also received several offers working in the Pakistani cinema industry, but she has always rejected them, citing the lack of professionalism in the industry as her main reason. Laila also made an appearance in the Nadia Khan Show. Currently, she is working in a television play entitled Khuda Gawah, which is aired on ATV. Her latest production, Zindagi will also be aired on PTV soon. She will also be playing a part in this serial. Mainly, Laila performs from the Karachi center of PTV.

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