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Mirza Shahi biography
Mirza Shahi

There have been numerous actors in the history of Pakistan's entertainment industry who have made the leap to and from the silver screen to television. All of these comedians have had their own unique style that they brought forward in their performances. One of these uniquely talented comedians is Mirza Shahi.

Having started his career during the later part of 1960s, when he starred as a comedian in a number of movies made in then-East Pakistan. One of his most famous movies has been 'Chakori', released in the year 1967, which also marked the debut of veteran film actor Nadeem. 'Chakori' went on to become the most successful film of the year and went platinum after running for 81 consecutive weeks.

He appeared with Nadeem in another movie called 'Chhotay Sahab' during the same era. One of the most popular songs of the movie was 'Aankhon Ke Gulabi Doray' featured Mirza Shahi with Nadeem. After the fall of Dhaka in December 1971, Mirza Shahi migrated to West Pakistan with dire financial issues. During those hand to mouth days, he had to work very hard in different kinds of odd jobs.

After he made his way to Pakistan Television Karachi Center, he was cast in a number of plays that went on to become very popular. Most notable among these was the special Eid long play by the name of 'Eid Train', which got wide appreciation for its comedic performances. In late 1990s, he was cast in the drama serial 'Haey Jaydi', appearing alongside another senior comedian, Athar Shah Khan.

In recent times, Mirza Shahi can be seen in the popular comedy drama serial 'Nadaniyan' on Geo TV, which stars Yasir Nawaz Baloch, Nida Yasir and Danish Nawaz. The drama serial has garnered immense popularity, with Mirza Shahi's fans welcoming his comeback to television.

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