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Mujahid Barelvi biography
Mujahid Barelvi

Mujahid Barelvi is a veteran journalist from Pakistan. He is known for his questioning skills and journalistic integrity. He is well versed in both local and international politics and has traveled extensively worldwide.

Mujahid, being extensively experienced in travelling and journalism both, has been well known for his analytical & candid approach, which doesn’t allows his viewers to transfers their concentration to any other program, his program “Live with Mujahid” has also got a wide viewership globally. Mujahid’s Integrity with the country is question less & he has been conferring on various local yet public issues which popularity have been observed by increasing number of calls in his program.

By the inception of Afghan War in 1979, Mujahid is one of the very fewer Journalists to enter War hit country & gives updates from there; this act of valor has been praised and sees with dignity in then Pakistani media, Being a good writer has authored 6 books & wrote several articles for magazines since long ,being a good administrator he has also shown outstanding management skills when, awarded with the responsibility of General Secretary and takes some immediate steps to address Journalist’s grievances.

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