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Parveen Akbar

Parveen Akbar has been involved with the Pakistani show business industry since 1969, and is one of the most revered performers on screen. She started her journey with Radio Pakistan, and had switched over to the television screen by 1975. She quickly gained fame for her performances as 'Bi Jamalo' and 'Zaalim Saas'.

Parveen Akbar is now a household name on Pakistani screens, and she has even ventured into production and direction as well. Her performance in the TV drama Shammo was a big hit when it aired on GEO TV. She is now a producer as well, and is currently involved in producing several different drama serials. She has mainly done 'villain' characters, and her admirable performances have gained her huge amounts of respect from TV artists and fellow co workers. She is also loved by Pakistani audiences.

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