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Rashid Farooqui biography
Rashid Farooqui

Rashid Farooqui has been one actor whose frequent appearances in television plays have made him one of the most familiar faces on screen and a sought after artist for the directors to make a part of their ventures.

Rashid has given remarkable performances in the dramas 'Zainab Binte Sakina Hazir Ho' (Geo TV), 'Meray Angnay Main' (Hum TV), 'Ijazat' (ARY Digital), 'Zindagi Dhoop, Tum Ghana Saaya' (ARY Digital) and 'Salina' (ATV). He has also appeared in a number of tele films such as 'Aey Bhai Zara Dekh Ke' (Hum TV), 'Do Anjanay' (Geo TV) and 'Khurchan' (ARY Digital). He has also appeared in a number of long plays like 'Twins' (ARY Digital), 'Gullu Ustad' (Hum TV) and the Eid special play 'Ronaq Jahan Ka Nafsiyati Gharana' (ARY Digital).

In 2008, Rashid starred in Mehreen Jabbar's debut film project 'Ramchand Pakistani' and got good reviews for his performance.

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