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Rashid Mahmood biography
Rashid Mahmood

Rashid Mahmod (born Muhammad Rashid Mahmood Kashmiri) is one of the most versatile and most casted actors in all of Pakistan's film and drama industry.

One of his most famous performances was in the drama serial 'Ilzaam', which was aired from former channel STN during the 1990s. The drama was shot in Bangkok and saw Rashid play a difficult role of a transvestite.

His earliest performances on Pakistan Television (PTV) include 'Shikan', 'Kalmoohi', 'Laag' and 'Ghuroor'. All of these dramas saw him in different roles and Rashid's profound acting did complete justice to every role that he has been a part of.

After the introduction of private channels, Rashid signed up a number of dramas on private channels as well. These include drama serials 'Identity' (ARY Digital), 'Lakhon Main Ek' (TV One), 'Dil De Ke Jayain Gey' (Geo TV), 'Dilruba Nautanki' (Geo TV), 'Uss Par' (ATV) and 'Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin' (Hum TV).

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