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Sajid Hassan

Sajid Hasan is a well-known actor from Pakistan. He started off as a theater personality and then moved to television. Sajid Hasan's first major drama series was Khalij. He became more recognized from his involvement in the play Dhoop Kinare in which he played a comedic role. He has written many plays which include Kuchwa Aur Khargosh and Gum. He is also the first Pakistani actor to work in an Indian television series Tanha in 1997 on Star Plus.

Hasan made his film debut in 2004 with the movie Salakhain in which he played the antagonist. He then also acted in Pehla Pehla Pyar. He also had a role in the Angelina Jolie film A Mighty Heart. Hasan has two sisters. He is married and has one son. He was injured in 2009 in Karachi on 10th of Muharram's Ashura blast during the public procession, where he lost his elder brother and sister in law. He lives in Karachi.

He is also a writer, and has written several different plays such as Kuchwa aur Khargosh and Gum.

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