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Saleem Mairaj

Saleem Mairaj is a stage and tv actor most popular for his outstanding acting in plays and serials on Pakistan tv.

Saleem Mairaj has been one of the small screen artists who made it to television in the 1990s after a successful stint as a stage actor. With stage providing the basis of his acting skills, Saleem's earlier roles were all about diversity. Whether it was the role of Safdar in the remake of the seventies' class drama serial 'Kiran Kahani' or the serious role in the long play 'Kyun', which also starred Sania Saeed - Safdar proved that he was an actor with immense talent.

His another famous drama on PTV was 'Colony 52', which was widely appreciated for its depiction of the old Karachi and its traditions. On the private channels, Saleem has lent his acting skills to the dramas 'Pul Sirat' (ARY Digital), 'Umm-e-Kulsoom' (ARY Digital), 'Rastay Dil Ke' (TV One), comedy serial 'Khandan-e-Shughlia' (ARY Digital), sitcom 'Masub Ki Dil Lagi' (ARY Digital) and tele films 'Khurchan' (ARY Digital) and 'Shahrukh Khan Ki Maut' (TV One).

Saleem was also cast in the movie 'Ramchand Pakistani', which marked Mehreen Jabbar's debut as a film director.

Popular for:

Mere Angney Main

Khandan e Shughliya


Pul Siraat

Masub Ki Dillagi

Colony 52


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