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There was a time in Pakistan when comedy was thought to be a purely male forte and it was true to a certain extent because female participation in comedic programs remained very limited. That all changed during the 1980s when a number of female artists stepped into the comedy genre. Many of these female artists started their career from stage and later moved on to television.

Salma Zafar is also one such female comedy actress who started her journey in show business from stage in the year 1983. Two years later she landed a role in 'Bakra Qiston Pe', one of the most successful and groundbreaking stage dramas ever produced. In the drama, Salma played the role of Umer Sharif's cranky wife and filled the drama with so much life that even more than twenty years down the road, people still remember her lively performance in the same way.

Although she entered into showbiz by chance, Salma has had it in her genes since her father Zafar Khursheed was a renowned music composer who composed famous tunes for advertisements. These include the song 'Amman Tullo Main Pakao' (Tullo Oil) and 'Chai Chahiye' (Lipton Tea).

From there onwards, Salma became an essential part of every stage play written and produced by Umer Sharif. Her famous stage plays include 'New York Se New Karachi', 'Female Ki Email' and the sequels of 'Bakra Qiston Pe'. Salma also stepped into Lollywood but her film career was quite short-lived as she she only did one movie by the name of 'Jannat' and then went back to stage since she did not find film as a medium that appealed to her.

Salma has also done a number of plays. Her role in 'Aahat' and as a nurse in the drama serial 'Tum Se Kehna Tha' is still remembered by many for her outstanding performance. In recent years, she has played unforgettable roles in dramas such as 'Ek Adhuri Si Maa', 'Humsafar', 'Haroon To Piya Teri', 'Bewafaiyyan', 'Khala Kulsoom Ka Kunba', 'Yeh Zindagi Hai' and many more.

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