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Samina Ahmed

It is difficult to define such an all rounded personality in a few words. Samina Ahmed is devoted to her work, is a very caring mother, an excellent artist and a highly prominent director and producer. Samina mainly plays comic roles, but she started her career with several serious plays. However, the switch to comic roles proved to be highly fruitful, and she quickly rose to the forefront of the Pakistani media.

Then, in the year 1997, Samina started her very own production company, entitled Samina Ahmed Productions. Her first production, Family Front, was a highly successful hit and she was also awarded the Best Director Award in 1999 by PTV. Samina is the first lady to start her own production company in Pakistan.

Notable works: Family Front, Noor Bano, Des Pardes, Aankh Macholi, Hustav Bustav, Rubber Band, Tip Top, Waris, etc.

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