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Shabbir Jan is a renowned Pakistani television and film actor who has appeared in many Lollywood films and drama serials, such as Makan, Daam, Andata, Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Saya, Umrao Jaan and Jangloos. He has been a nominee once for the Best Actor award in the Lux Style Award, 2002.


Shabbir Jan is a veteran Pakistani actor. He started acting in the late 1970's, and and is now one of the best Pakistani actors around. His humble nature has seen him rise to the forefront of the acting contingent, and his hard work has been duly rewarded with extensive praise from Pakistani audiences. Exceptional performances in films such as Baghi and drama serials such as Meri Jaan have made him a very popular man on the television screen.

Even though he is mainly known for his serious acting, Shabbir has also tried comic roles and has been widely praised in comic acting as well. The way he portrays the emotions of a character have discerned him from other actors, and his contribution to the Pakistani media is nothing short of exceptional.

Notable works: Baghi, Malal, Meri Jaan, Aanchal, Karab, Andata, etc.

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