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Shafqat Cheema

During the 1990s, the film industry of Pakistan went through a phase of revival in which one saw the traditional hero-villain movies making her way back into the cinema and attracting film viewers. What all of these movies had in common was the person playing the villainous role and that happened to be Shafqat Cheema.

Shafqat rose to prominence with his villainous role in the movie 'Haathi Meray Saathi', directed by Shamim Ara. From there onwards, he appeared in countless movies such as 'Munda Bigra Jaye', 'Mr. 420', 'Hum To Chalay Susraal' and 'Mamla Garbar Hai'. Although he was typecast in the movies he worked, Shafqat seemed to do the roles with perfect ease and originality.

With the decline of Lollywood, Shafqat followed many other film artists to find a career in TV and was cast in a number of dramas that include 'Woh Tees Din' (Geo TV) and 'Landa Bazar' (PTV).

He is notably known to have played the role of an antagonist in the 2011 blockbuster film Bol. He also acted in a supporting role in the drama Khuda aur Muhabbat.


List of movies, dramas and television serials in which Cheema has played a role:

Qurbani (1991)

Abdullah the Great (1992)

Outlaw (1992)

Beta (1994)

Sargam (1995)

Munda Bigra Jaye (1995)

Hawain (1996)

Umar Mukhtar (1997)

Bangles (1998)

Jungle Queen (2000)

Angaray (2000)

Moosa Khan (2001)

Badmash Gujjar (2001)

Kanjhar Gosht (2002)

Randiyon Ka Sardar (2003)

Palang Ke Khaufnak Jhatke (2005)

Majajan (2006)

Jhoomar (2007)

Godfather (2007 film) (2007)

Palang Polo (2007)

Zill-e-Shah (2008)

Suhagan (2008)

Gunahon Ki Basti (2008)

Tu Chal, Main Aaya (2009)

Channa Sachi Muchi (2010)

Razia Gundon Mein (2010)

Bol (2011)

Bhai Log (2011)


Khuda Aur Muhabbat


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