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Sohail Ahmed

Sohail Ahmed, best known as Azizi, is a Pakistani comedian, and stage and TV actor. He is most notable for comedy stage dramas based in Lahore.

Sohail Ahmed is counted among the most senior TV and stage artists. His real name being Sohail Akram Butt, he started his career as a stage artist and then went onto prove himself as a seasoned TV artist. Although acting was not something that anyone else in his family had ever chosen as a profession, Sohail created his own legacy by becoming the first among his family members to enter into the field.

Most of the TV dramas which he has acted in have been aired on Pakistan Television (PTV). Among these, 'Fishaar', 'Shab Deg', 'Andleeb', 'Malangi', 'Mann Chalay Ka Sauda', 'Home Sweet Home' and 'Mashwara Muft Hai'. Sohail has not only proven himself as a skilled actor but also directed a few plays. One of his plays as a director by the name of 'Shaam' was recently aired on ATV.

These days, Sohail can be seen playing the role of Azizi in the political and satirical show 'Hasb-i-Haal', which airs on Dunya TV. The role has proven Sohail's place and caliber as a stand up artist and comedian.

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