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Tahira Wasti biography
Tahira Wasti

Tahira Wasti was a well-known Pakistani writer and TV actress.

Tahira Wasti has undeniably been one of the most professional and adept actresses that the television screen has seen in at least a couple of decades. Wife of the later actor and newsreader Rizwan Wasti and mother of Laila Wasti, the talented actress and drama producer, acting is something that seems to run in the veins of her and her family members.

No television viewer, who has seen the dramas produced in the late eighties and nineties, can forget the unforgettable performances given by Tahira Wasti in every role that she was a part of. Her roles were mostly supporting but that didn't inhibit her from showing her true potential through her skills as an actress. Her earliest dramas include 'Afshan', 'Jangloos'. 'Daldal', 'Piyaas' and long play 'Heer Waris Shah', aired on PTV and 'Kashkol', which was screened on former channel STN.

Although she took a break from acting for a few years, she has reemerged with a revamped look in a number of productions both on PTV as well as private channels. Her recent performances have come in the dramas like 'Harjai' (Indus Vision), 'Dil Diya Dehleez' (Hum TV), 'Maamta' (PTV) and 'Doraha' (Geo TV). She has also acted in a tele film on Hum TV by the name of 'Uss Ki Biwi'.

Personal life

Tahira was born in Sargodha (British India) in 1944.

She was the wife of TV actor and English newscaster Rizwan Wasti and mother of TV actress Laila Wasti. A famous TV actress Maria Wasti was her niece.


She died of natural causes on March 11, 2012, in Karachi, at the age of 68.

Popular Drama serials

Aakhri Chatan




Jaib Qatra - 1968


Kashkol - 1990s



Tipu Sultan


Dil Diya Dehleez

Maamta and Doraha


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