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Uzma Gilani is Pakistan veteran tv actress who started her career with PTV most popular for her solid performances in dramas like Panah, Waris, Samandar and Dehleez.

If there is an actress who defines the word legendary in the realm of the Pakistani television, it is undoubtedly Uzma Gillani who deserves the honor. One of the most talented and inspiring actresses produced by Pakistan, Uzma has left no stones unturned to explore the artistic streak she possesses and has been performing with the same zeal and passion for over three decades.

Among her most unforgettable performances was 'Panah', made in the backdrop of the Afghan war which saw more than two million Afghan refugees taking refuge in Pakistan. Uzma's character in the play was of an Afghani woman who is in search of a shelter. The performance received wide acclaim and the government of that time was so impressed by her portrayal of an Afghan refugee that they awarded her with the Pride of Performance award. She also gave solid performances in the dramas 'Waris', 'Samandar' and 'Dehleez'.

While she kept on performing in the years to come, Uzma had to take a break from acting during the 1990s after being diagnosed with cancer. However, once she fully recovered, the strong-willed actress made a comeback to the small screen where she would immerse herself in the character to such an extent that she would forget her own challenges.

Her popular dramas in recent years include 'Amar Bail' (TV One), 'Tujh Pe Qurban' (Geo TV) and 'Khaali Aankhen' (PTV).

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