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Waseem Abbas biography
Waseem Abbas

Waseem Abbas is a popular Pakistani film, tv actor and director.

He is a son of a Pakistani film actor Inayat Hussain Bhatti. His uncle is a well-known actor and director Kaifee. He is the husband of a Pakistani television actress Saba Hameed and her daughter Meesha Shafi is an actor, model and singer. His son is also a model in Pakistan. He appeared with his wife in "Family Front", a Pakistani comedy TV series.

Waseem initially started acting in the early 1980's, and gained success with performances in popular dramas serials such as Samandar and Aashiana. He performed in several Pakistani films, namely Badalte Mausam, Manzil, Tina, Ishq Rog and Zara Si Baat. He is married to Saba Hameed, another popular Pakistani actress. Waseem's foray in to acting pretty much ended by 1996, and he now only does select roles in few dramas.

Waseem is currently a director as well, and has had considerable success in this field as well. Dramas such as Mr. and Mrs have been popular hits, and Waseem is considered to be one of the most popular Pakistani media personalities at present. His drama, Hazaron Raastey also earned him critical acclaim for acting.

Popular Films

Badaltey Mousam, 1980

Badalte rishtey, 1983

Ishq rog, 1989

Jatt Majhe da, 1988

Manzil, 1981

Tina, 1983

Zara si baat, 1982

Popular Drama serials


Buffer Flies


Double Sawari

Family Front


Hazaron Rastey


Lahori Gate

Landa Bazar

Natak Mandi



Reza Reza


Mera Saieen 2

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