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Zeba Bakhtiar biography
Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba Bakhtiar is a Pakistani film and television actress, and television series director. She made her television debut with a PTV drama play, Anarkali. She gained a lot of fame through her Bollywood debut, Henna. Zeba is all set to make a comeback to small screen with HUM TV's Bin Roye Ansu.

Acting Career

Bakhtiar's performance in the TV play Anarkali, a sad love story, won her critical acclaim in Pakistan's entertainment world. The role of Anarkali helped prepare her for her big screen debut with the hit movie Henna (1991), produced and directed by Randhir Kapoor in India. Her work in Henna was widely appreciated, but it was her performance in the Pakistani film Sargam (1995) that won her the prestigious Nigar Award in Pakistan.

Bakhtiar also gave excellent performances in movies such as Mohabbat Ki Arzoo (1994), Stuntman (1994), Jai Vikraanta (1995), Muqadama (1996), Chief Sahib (1996), Qaid (1996) and Babu (2001). She proved herself an accomplished director in her directorial-debut movie, Babu, in (2001). Apart from movies, Bakhtiar often took starring roles in major television serials, in which she brought new levels of intensity with her performances. For instance, in Laag she gave a memorable performance as the leader of the 'Kashmiri Independence Movement'. Her portrayal of a handicapped girl in Pehli See Mohabbat was just mind-boggling as were her performances in the Lollywood films Kundi and Sangam.

Personal Life

Bakhtiar has been married four times. She was married to Salman Valliani and divorced soon. She then got married to Javed Jaffrey and separated from him. Bakhtiar then married to singer Adnan Sami but divorced in 1997. They have a son together Azaan. Bakhtiar is currently married to Sohail Khan Leghari.

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