Five things you don’t know about Shaista Lodhi’s wedding

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So what is the scoop on the lady who has conducted dozens of televised weddings but here was a big secret? The television host has been MIA ever since another much more controversial ‘mock wedding’ on her television show.

Maybe that’s why her own nuptials were a low key affair with only close friends and family in attendance – but where were they and most importantly who was the groom?

Fans we have all the deets! Why was the secret Shaista Lodhi shadi so quiet and what’s next for the star – everything you need to know about the newly weds.

1. Starting off with the wedding ceremony, it wasn’t a grand event rather the nuptial vows were exchanged in a small gathering in Karachi with only family members and close relatives invited to the event.

2. The marriage took place with the consent of Lodhi’s parents.

3. The groom, Adnan, has nothing to do with the media (he is definitely not a seth) but a businessman by profession.

4. The groom is Lodhi’s cousin adn currently resides in South Africa. Before saying ‘yes’ to the arranged marriage, Lodhi went to SA to spend some time with him.

5. As far as her television career is concerned, she does not have any plans to bid adieu. Lodhi after working more than four years in Geo Television as a morning show host left on a bad note.

The host came under fire after she held a mock ‘shadi’ for celebrity couple Veena and Assad Khan on her morning show and played a qawali some deemed to be religiously offesive. The fiasco has been damaging to Lodhi’s career and she was left with no option but to leave the country.