RATINGS: Aug 1st – Aug 15th TRPs of Pakistani Dramas

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Courtesy: Tv Kahani

Let’s have a look at Top 10:

  1. Mann Kay Moti
  2. Adhuri Aurat
  3. Quddusi Saheb Ki Bewah
  4. Teri Berukhi
  5. Yeh Zindagi Hai
  6. Kankar
  7. Humnasheen
  8. Yeh Shaadi Nahin Ho Sakti
  9. Kadurat
  10. Jiya na Jaye

Urdu1 might start airing more Urdu serials soon, rumors are that due to falling popularity of foreign serials it might have to convert. GEO is ruling the roost with HUM TV having simply nothing to offer to the viewers and ARY Digital struggling as well. However, it’s Darmiyan is expected to score big. Nonetheless, ARY’s soaps and sitcoms are doing exceptionally well.

HUM TV needs a major hit soon.