Watch Project Ghazi Trailer – Pakistan’s First Superhero Movie

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The trailer for the film Project Ghazi, whose makers claim that it’s Pakistan’s first superhero movie, was unveiled at a local hotel on Monday evening. It was a well-attended event, but could have been better had television cameramen been requested to put their cameras at a place from where the audience’s view of the screen, where the trailer was shown, did not get blocked.

Sharing her experience of working in the film, actress Syra Shehroz said it’s a dream project for her. She is playing the part of a scientist in the story and according to her, “you don’t often get to play a scientist”. Her character is “very strong, very independent, very serious”. When the host, who spent a great deal of time praising all the actors on stage, asked her how she felt playing the part of a superwoman in the film, she replied “it was a joy”.

Actor Sheheryar Munawar said the concept of the film was clear to him. It’s about the journey of his character. He had to do rigorous training for six to eight months to physically change himself for the part he is playing — gym training, diet control etc. On the theme of the movie he said it’s a film which has “nationalism” but “hatred against no one”.

Actor Humayun Saeed, one of the two male protagonists in the story, said he was the last one to be cast in the film. Syra and Sheheryar were signed before him. Giving the reasons for accepting the offer to do Project Ghazi, he said when the producer (Ali Reza) and director (Nadir Shah) approached him with the subject, he got good “vibes” from them. The other reason was that Sheheryar and Syra were two young actors he likes because they do less but quality work. The last reason he gave was the involvement of the ISPR in the film.