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Hazaron Saal

Hazaron Saal

A young man, Mohib, falls in love with Zeba, an older woman. She tries to warn him about her past, but he proposes to her however their happiness is short lived as Zeba meets with an accident goes into coma.

For Mohib the shock doesnât end there. He finds out that Zeba has three young daughters from a previous marriage when they return from abroad to be with their ailing mother.

Mohib has the option of running away from the situation, but instead decides to stay and face it. To him, a thousand years arenât too much to wait to get his beloved back from the dead.

Slowly begins the process of winning his daughters over, each with her own complexities and conflicts. Things are complicated by the entry of a young female doctor who is in love with Mohib. There is also Zebaâs greedy ex husband to deal with.Will Mohib succeed in holding his ground while his wife battles between life and death? Or will society and conflicting emotions prevail and cause him to break his vow of a thousand years?

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