REVIEW: Kadurat Episode 1

Bravo!!! What an interesting start of the story. Zoha Hassa has done a very good job plotting the theme of the story while the pilot episode was also beautifully directed by Aabis Raza. Everything was so obvious and clear for the viewers to understand at the first place. There was nothing confusing.

The acting skills of the child star playing the character of Minnah are really laudable. At such a tender age it is pretty hard to make the kids act this way as this little girl has done. Hats off to you girl Well, not forgetting the other two child stars I should really appreciate their efforts as well. Yet above all the credit goes to the director for making the cast and crew of the drama all together work so well. But this is just the beginning to judge the play at an initial phase. There is still a long way to go.

Well well well, the first episode was just an introduction to the story about how all this element of KADURAT (hatred) begins. Mahmood played by Deepak Parwani marries a woman named Atiqa played by Angeline Malik who is divorced and has 2 kids. Minnah does not accept their existence in her house and hates the three of them immensely. Minnah after her mother’s death has become a little bit psychologically disturbed. Her habits of rage and anger have increased in her personality. This height of fury made her take in her hands that 11111 and point it against her step mother. This was a courageous act because mostly we don’t see kids of this age doing such things. 1Other than that the sense of revenge is inside her. We could see it in the scene where Minnah locked her step sister Alina inside a dark room just because she herself was locked up only for a little while after she had attacked Atiqa. In the next episode Minnah will be sent to a hostel. And when she returns home she is all grown up. We are also expecting Sanam Saeed’s entry in the next episode

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Kadurat Episode 1 - 17th July 2013

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