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Just finished watching today’s episode and Wow, I am impressed!

With each passing episode Kadurat is getting more interesting. I started the show only because off Mina’s character but along the way Asad’s character surely caught my eye too. Since last episode the game of revenge started to become more deadly as Mina sets her eyes on Asad. Even though Mina always believed that Atiqa is her strongest opponent but I disagree, I think Asad is the strongest opponent; Mina surely felt threatened by him in last episode as he finally showed her he can play dirty too! By doing that in a way he dug up his own grave; forgetting about Daniel and Alina she goes after her next target – Asad. In today’s episode she clearly mentioned that she Alina marrying Danial wouldn’t affect her much because she has other plan in motion. Much bigger and more deadly!

I must say, she is doing a brilliant job, her mind works like anything. She decided to play nice with Asad; she’s giving him what he wanted the most – peace. But he couldn’t see that this peace between Mina and them will cost them a lot. How cleverly she played with Asad, as she called him her ‘dost’. Asad being Asad, failed to recognize her ‘dosti’ meaning and took a sigh of relief but after today’s events his mind’s wheels have started to turn as well. He is putting 2+2 together and as seen in preview Mina will come in open with her “feelings” and Asad is going to respond with a slap! I think all the other things going to be secondary but Asad & Mina’s war will surely be the highlight of this drama. Mina thought she could play Asad with flirtation; but I don’t think this will play out well for her. But damn… I give her for that! She surely has the guts to play this dirty with Asad. But the fun has just begun; it will be interesting to see how Asad will escape Mina’s game or will he before it’s too late? Or will he fight back more fiercely?

Apart from Asad-Mina the other tracks are not so important for me. But I have to say Shaheen and Mina combine equals destruction! They both are damn good and cunning. Indeed Mina is damn good and scheming, calculating but she’s also making a grave mistake but trusting Shaheen 100% and this will make her fall. Mina fails to see why Shaheen is after her father, her true intentions. But so far them as a team is mind blowing; these two can do so much! The picture trick, a classic move always does its work. Hats off to their team work, I am impressed. Last but not the least, Mina’s feelings for Zohaib; unexpectedly Zohaib became part of this game too without realizing it. This will be a game changer.

I am really not interested in that ‘not-so-innocent Alina’ ‘not-so-charming Danial’ or ‘Atiqa-Baba-Shaheen’ triangular. But at this point series is like a timebomb ready to explode. The firecrackers are exploding but time bomb is ready to explode. The fun has just begun!

Written by Iqs Zaf

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