Random mussing on Kankar’s 1st episode

By Fatima Manzoor Ellahi

Well, six sigma is back with their yet another creation Kankar backed by Pakistan’s most significant story writer Umera Ahmed, who needs no introduction today due to her extraordinary scripts that leaves strong impression on audiences.

I believe if today one would ask the actor’s their fav writer, the script they would not want to miss would be only Umera Ahmed’s. From durre-e-shehwar to kankar, each of her creation is based on true realistic events and one can easily relate to her characters.

Kankar is again a household story, a story we would get to see around us in routine. Its tag line says “Mohabbat takleef bardasht kar leti hai tazleel nahi” this line says it all. It’s Kiran’s story, for whom her self respect means everything. She does give importance to her relations but not at the cost of her self respect. Her counter argument with her teacher was good enough to know what kind of person she is.

In the 1st episode we have seen 4 families, 2 of them are financially sound whereas 2 are at suffering’s end. Kiran belongs to a lower middle class family. She has 2 sisters Irum sana and a younger brother. She is the apple of her father’s eyes but being the dearest one doesn’t mean she has developed some sort of arrogance. She is very realistic girl who knows if her sister was dreaming about her cousin shoaib then she was at wrong end. She knows the class difference so one thing I am looking forward to watch is, what will force her to go against her realism. She is going to marry Sikandar (played by Fahad Mustafa) who belongs to completely opposite family so what will be the circumstances which will convince her to marry him.

We have also met kiran’s cousin Adnan (played by Hasan Niazi) who likes kiran and this is not hidden from anyone’s eyes.

The 1st episode was quite fast paced where we get to meet 4 families and get to now their life style. Kiran’s father (played by behrooz sabzwari) hates his brother and he used a very strong line “uska yahoodi ka dil hai” .I would want to know the reason which made him believe in this.

If we talk about the cast then we have some very strong names like Shakeel, Sanam Baloch, Laila Zuberi, Behroz Sabzwari, Sabahat Bukhari, Ismat Zaidi, Hasan Niazi, and Uroosa Siddiqui.

Behrooz sabzwari is playing this character very sweetly but I do have objections with his getup. They must have opted for real bear instead of making skin dark to give a bear feel.

Ismat Zaidi looks as usual lovely in this character. I have seen her playing such kind of character ample times and each time she fits into such characters beautifully. She is one of those who looks natural onscreen.

Another character I liked was kiran’s phophoo, who shows the anger for her brother but at the same times never allows her daughter to raise objections against him. She sounded like a typical sister.

Fahad will be making his entry from next episode and am looking forward to watch his 1st encounter with kiran. Another character whom I am looking forward to watch is Mohib Mirza’s. Let’s see how he is going to fit into the storyline.

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