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Sarmad Khoosat is among the most famous drama directors in our country today. He won back all the fans with Shehr e Zaat that he had lost thanks to the despicable Ashk.

His offering on ARY (Mera Yaqeen) wasn’t among the most awaited serials. Some insiders say that the makers had lost hope on it by the time they saw the end product, which is why it was never promoted the way a Sarmad KHoosat produce starring such big names would be prpomoted.

Nevertheless, it tells the story of a happy family (Faysal and Savera) that goes through a big shock when the mother (Savera) has an accident and she is paralyzed. Unable to take care of her family, she turns to her best friend, Nazish, who has been divorced twice already, to marry her husband so that someone is there to take care of the family.

Nazish enters the family and things go wrong when Nazish starts coming closer to the husband, and the first wife has that predictable pang of jealousy.

This is a story that doesn’t even sound compelling on paper. The thin plot just doesn’t offer anything. It is so obvious the story (thanks to a lack of good side tracks) is not for serials. I wonder why the production house (A&B), director (Sarmad) saw in this. The writer Seema Munaf really does not do well. She writes strong characters, but gives them nothing to do in the serial.

Serials with two women can be compelling, but she just does not write scenes that catch your attention. You could’ve seen the misery of the man, the jealousy of the woman in a better fashion with more scenes pitching her face to face against the saukan… Alas!

After a point you realize there is nothing happening. The side tracks also look forced! Why did they have to show Nazish getting married twice (okay, they wanted us to symphatzie with her) but the problem is that the viewers ALREADY knew that she would end up divorcing. It was obvious that she would get divorced again. The whole thing could’ve been done in three episodes, which was stretched for almost seven to eight.

The story moves at a pace that it is torturous. The screenplay is also boring with nothing exciting happening. The serial just has a sad vibe to it, which is unfortunate. May be none of the actors saw anything beyond their roles?

The OST, which never got a proper release, is kind of different. The editing is fine. The direction by Sarmad lacks the touch the director is famous for. He is let down by a sorry of a script, but extracts great performances out of everyone.

Acting is the only thing that this serial scores in. Faysal Qureshi, even though he reminds you of Nadeem Saheb, is really convincing in his role. He is one f those few actors who can shine even in a mediocre serial. Savera Nadeem is restricted to bed, but she steals the scenes whenever she appears on screen. A great performance by a great actress who can give any performer a run for her money. Nimra Buccha is getting type cast. Her role has shades of what she played in Sabz Pari, and she plays it well again standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Faysal and Savera. This is among Sarmad Khoosat’s better performances as an actor because he is believable in the role. Farhan Ali Agha just bores you to death with his never-changing dialogue delivery. The rest of the cast (including the children, even though I don’t like how the son behaves) is excellent.

Over all, Mera Yaqeen has nothing to offer, other than good acting. The serial has no story and the writer writes a boring screenplay. You automatically lose interest after a few episodes. Disappointing!


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