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Cast: Maria Wasti, Ahsan Khan, Tehreem, Sajjal Ali, Urwah, Sami Khan, Qaiser Naqvi & Others.

Directed by: Nadeem Siddique 

Written by: Maha Malik


Maria  Wasti as Aarfah

As a rebellious youth she runs away from home to marry Sajid against her parents’ wishes. But only to be rejected and hated by, first her mother in-law, then her husband, when she gives birth to a girl. She is thrown out of the house, forcing her to move back to her parent’s home. Where she shares the same state as a maid, but despite all these hardships she tries to provide her daughter with the best, till the end.

Tehreem Zuberi as Fakhira

Aarfah’s sister in-law. A dominating person who controls all affairs of the house, and harbors extremely negative feeling towards Aarfah. She wants Tabraiz to get married to Rafia, instead of Eesha, and tries to stop their engagement. Once Tabraiz leaves, she marries Rafia off to someone from a wealthy background.v

Urwa as Rafia

Fakhira’s daughter and Eesha’s cousin. Even though she and Eesha grew up together and are friends, she bares some negativity towards Eesha, because of her mother’s influence. She also shares a love interest for Tabraiz, but is married off to someone else when Tabraiz leaves. 

Sajjal Ali as Eesha

Aarfah’s Daughter. She loves and intends to marry Tabraiz, but due to Fakhira’s cunning, she is forced to marry Hari as his second wife. It becomes her responsibility to take care of Hari’s aging parents. A fate that she believes is a continuation of her mother’s misfortunes, a fate that she accepts.

Ahsan Khan as Tabraiz

Aarfah’s nephew who has recently returned from England. He sparks the love interest of both Eesha and Rafia, but he himself is only interested in Eesha. When time comes for his engagement to Eesha, Fakhira  makes false claims about Eesha’s relationship to Tabraiz, which forces him to return England. But he comes back when he learns the truth.

Sami Khan as Abdul Hari

Eesha’s Husband. He is already married and lives with his first wife in another city. His only reason for marrying Eesha, is so that he can have someone to take care of his aging parents when he is away. His marriage to Eesha is only superficial, but later he starts to develop an interest towards Eesha.

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