Mi-Raqsam–a tale of forbidden love

Love has no boundaries; it can happen anywhere anytime, cliché as it sounds but that is the rule of ‘love’. When two people are in love, they make their own world where regardless of societal pressure; lovers flow by their own will. Interestingly, love blossoms where the feelings are being suppressed. Same is true for Zeeshan and Saadia, where they coincidentally fall in love irrespective of the differences in their classes.

Zeeshan (Shahzad Shekih) belongs to the bureaucratic background, he did not have a happy childhood because of his father’s illicit relations with another woman and his mother’s untimely death. The only source of joy in Zeeshan’s life was his childhood friend Saadia (Aiza Khan) who is his servant’s daughter.

However, gradually while growing, their feelings change and they begin to love each other. Zeeshan left for Boarding house; as aptly says time waits for no one and when he returns, he discovers he may have lost Sadia forever. The desperation to attain his love drives him to extremes and ultimately leads him to a crossroads.

The drama serial is directed by the renowned film-maker of Khamosh Pani-Sabiha Sumaar, and the writer is Kifaayat Rodini. Sumaar has already proved herself with her debut movie Khamosh Pani, where she dealt with the radicalization of the society. Mi-Raqsam is her first directorial debut for the small screen where she has beautifully shown the rekindling of love in a suppressive and biased society. The star cast includes Salman Shahid, Waseem Abbas and Shahzad Sheikh.

Mi-Raqsam is a story which depicts the ills of the society, where love is suffocated at the hands of different so-called societal principles. But love does not care for anything and it makes its own way, so will Zeeshan be able to win his love back? Or will he lose her at the mercy of hypo critic world?

Source: http://geovision.geo.tv/2012/07/mi-raqsam-a-tale-of-forbidden-love/

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