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Mr Shamim story, wiki & information
Mr Shamim

Mr Shamim is a comedy drama on HUM TV with a cast of Ahmed ali butt, Saboor Ali, Bashar, Arisha etc.

“Mr Shamim” follows the light side of ups and downs in the life of 40-year-old Mr Shamim whose wife has parted ways with him after 10 years of wedlock. She has left him with two kids, 8-year-old Zainab and 6-year-old Muzzamil. An author by profession, the emotional and soft-hearted Mr Shamim wishes to remarry but faces a dilemma; he does not like the women who come his way and those that he does consider do not like him in return, while some women are scared away by his children. His 20-year-old cousin wishes to marry him, but alas, Mr Shamim cannot make his mind up due to societal pressure.

How will Mr Shamim cope with his predicament?

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