Pakistan Idol Judges: Hadiqa Kiani to judge first ever Pakistan idol show

Hadiqa Kiani to be judge at first ever Pakistan idol show As we all know after the huge success of American and Indian idol. now it’s time for Pakistan to make a mark and yet without any delay Pakistan Idol is now started in Pakistan.

The auditions for Pakistan idol already started from Islamabad (on Thursday 19th September, 2013) and soon this auditions will be traveling around the country to bring up the best voice for the listeners and as well as for the viewers. According to the manager director of Geo Entertainment Networks,Asif Raza Mir said, The network is aware that there are security problems in Quetta and Peshawar, but the two cities are equally important”.

This confirms that Pakistan Idol aims to find real talents from every part of the country.Mir also also explained, “Pakistan Idol’s eligibility age for participants is between 15 to 30 years old. The reason is only to encourage youngsters in the first-ever Pakistani Idol”. He further said, “We have some other future plans. We will hopefully come up with child idol and another show only for people who are between 30-60 years”. he also tell us about the scope of Reality TV Music show, Mir said, “When the show was first launched in UK, the prizes offered before were not the same as they are today; things go off gradually.

But now we will provide the winner with the opportunity to sing as a playback singer of Lollywood films which are now growing day by day.” Pakistan Idol will soon be aired on Geo Television Networks in collaboration with Fremantle Media and expected judges are Hadiqa Kiani, Ali Azmat and Bushra Ansari.

Hadiqa Kiani is a Pakistani singer-songwriter and model, who is expected to judge Pakistan Idol very soon. let’s see how she will contribute her efforts to bring up the best voice for Pakistan ever. many websites have introduced judges According to their sources, the three judges of Pakistan Idol will be singers Sajjad Ali, Abrar Ul Haq, and Ali Azmat.

Ironically all of the judges are male which made GEO recently add a 4th judge who is Pakistani female pop singer Hadiqa Kiani. yet there are many difference between judges and many of the website have their own sources trying to know who will be the real judges of Pakistan Idol. we all are hoping to see something better than before. fingers crossed everyone! Pakistan Idol bears the slogan ‘Jo hai awaz dil ki’. And this is for those who haven’t applied their names for Pakistan idol yet. pick up your mobile phones and type. IDOL CNIC # City. Send it to 436. By sending SMS on 436 you will get registered to Pakistan Idol and a pin code will be sent to you via SMS. Later, you will be informed about auditions date and venue via SMS. In auditions participant has to bring his/her CNIC and parents CNIC also.

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