Zamad Baig Won Pakistan’s First Ever Pakistan Idol


Pakistan Idol vent viral since it is started on Geo TV. The program has gathered all the fame which it deserved as the program was very well directed and was made interesting by its participants. When Pakistan Idol first started and at the time top 13 were selected many were of the opinion that Kashif will win the competition.

Hadiqa also supported Kashif and she kept discriminating Kashif from other contestants and gave him special applause it seemed as she wasn’t judge when Kashif was singing but support of Hadiqa couldn’t save him and Kashif even couldn’t make it to final 2. Last two contestants for Pakistan were Zamad Baig and Muhammad Shoaib. Both of them are extremely talented and both them have extra ordinary voices but Shoaib have got an edge over Zamad Baig and that was of stage appearance and performance however Zamad Baig totally concentrated on his vocals. The competition among both was breath taking.

The finale of the competition was held in expo center Karachi and it started from Friday and ended today evening. It was three days of unlimited entertainment but at end of the day Zamad Baig won the competition and has become first ever Pakistan Idol. It was a dream come true for Zamad Baig. Zamad Baig along with his family received the title of Pakistan Idol. For us Zamad Baig and Muhammad Shoaib both are Pakistan Idols as both of them fully deserved the title. Zamad received the title of Pakistan Idol for the CEO of Geo Network.

He not only won the title but have got penalty of thing along with title i.e. he won Rs. 2.5 Million, a dazzling Honda City and a music contract worth of millions.

VIDEO: Zamad Baig Won The First Pakistan Idol's Grand Finale...

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