Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah Story, Wiki & Details

Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah story, wiki & information
Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah

Its all about two families living upstairs & downstairs in an old house, one being the Landlord & other being a Tenant.

The Tenant’s being the main track consists of; Qudoos Sahab ki Bewa (AMMA), her 3 daughters; Khajusta, Badarqa & Shagufta and only Son; Wudood.

Amma, trying hard to get rid of the incompetent lot of her kids, who do not earn much rather are expensive, such as; Khajusta & Wodood by means of marrying them asap. But on the other hand daughter Badarqa who is the main bread earner of the house is inclined to marry asap and that has to be stopped by Amma at any cost. However, Amma does not know that Badarqa has already wed and is finding ways & means to disclose this to her Kin’s.

Aqeela, a wedding consultant is pursued by Amma to arrange marriages for her Son & daughters but she plays around them to increase her commissions.

The land lord family are contrary to their Title and are more hand to mouth than even their tenant’s. 

This track consists of; AleemudDin & wife Nanni, with their siblings; Maqsood & his wife; RoohAfza. As Maqsood is a dwarf so, Roohafza is inclined towards other males atleast taller than her. And here comes Shabbir Jan, a flirtatious person who evokes romance in all the females.


Comical dialogues and Characters lamented with Classical & traditional Households,

However a gross sublime of the serial lies in its reality of Unmarried Over aged Females in our Society, a burden on ageing parents.


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