Rasam Story, Wiki & Details

Rasam story, wiki & information

In our society there are customs and sacraments related to wedding ceremony. And in some cases the girls whose lives have been ruined just because of these backward customaries.

Amber and Ali are the two protagonists who studied and now doing their house job as doctors in the same hospital. The two were in love with each other and therefore the families decide to do the Nikah ceremony and the reception to be held after the completion of their house jobs.

Everything is going well until all is lost not just for Ali but for Amber as well and only for what, a stupid mistake committed in a mehndi ceremony by a family member which leaves everyone in shock. They say these Rasam’s are the flavors of our wedding ceremonies but not for Amber.

What is it that the future holds for girls like Amber, isn’t she a victim of these Rasam’s.

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