Sabz Qadam Story, Wiki & Details

Sabz Qadam story, wiki & information
Sabz Qadam

it’s tale of a beautiful and talented middle class girl “momina”. because of the conservative mind-set of the family and drug addict brother, her life emerge complex since the beginning. “momina” is forced by her family to do exchange marriage with his paternal cousin “ajmal”, who’s an ignorant and useless person. on the eve of marriage “ajmal” gets shot and dies. soon after, his mother named “momina” as “sabz qadam” and held her fate responsible for the death. here she stars to face hardship and mocks all around. at the other hand, “najma” refuses to marry “tahir” as long as “momina” stays in the same house. meanwhile “hamdan” sends marriage proposal for “momina”. her ex-in laws tried to defame her by all means, that results unpleasant situation at second marriage. after two days of wedding, the secret revealed to her that “hamdan’s” mother and sister are actually his step-relatives, and they plan to kill him for his wealth and made him addict to drugs. with all the turns and twists, happiness and sorrows, the story depicts the struggle of an innocent girl to prove herself no ill-fated.

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