Shaadi Mubarak Story, Wiki & Details

Shaadi Mubarak story, wiki & information
Shaadi Mubarak

As the title depicts it all, shadi mubbarak is a story of a happening that is going to take place at mr. siddiquiâs family, as faraz and saadi are about to get married. but the background of the wedding initiates the real story. faraz being an obedient son of saadat begum never turned any command or wish of her mother, but this time he has disobeyed his mother by showing his inclination towards saadi, the daughter of saadatâs brother. as saadat wanted him to get married with a girl of her own choice. surrendering to the wish of her son saadat has agreed on the marriage, but has planned not to allow the relation get stronger. meanwhile saadiâs brother samar is also getting engaged to momal. all enriched with the colors and festivities of a pakistani wedding, shadi mubbarak is a must watch drama serial , emphasizing on the core of family bonding.

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